Holistic Spa Services

Primarily using the advanced formulations of botanicals, herbs and clays by De la Terre skincare systems your skin will be nourished, nurtured, rejuvenated and balanced. Through various treatments and programs now available at the Private Moments Natural Skin Therapy studio you will be able to see and feel the beauty of what natures gifts provide. 

Please take a moment to view my list of programs, treatments and products . If something resonates with you, feel free to click the link to get scheduled And view pricing. I am also available to chat via phone or email.

All the following holistic skin therapies utilize the De La Terre Skincare® products



Holistic Skin Therapy

This facial treatment bathes the skin in a nourishing herb tea specific to skin conditions. Therapeutic use of herbal oil serums, specialized massage and lymphatic pulsing techniques creates a unique, relaxing experience sure to be unforgettable. Skin gains vibrant color, inflammation is reduced, healthy skin function is set in motion.

60 minute/$75 , 90 minutes/$100 


Tea Hydrotherapy with gemstones

Feed and cleanse skin with warm towels infused with nourishing herbal tea. Encourage the skins energy to be renewed. Herbal mist, oil serums with pressure point therapy and gemstones guides the skin to a healthy state. Enjoy the benefits of its stress relieving quality for the whole body as well.

45 minutes/$60


Skin Purification

Detoxify skin, encourage movement of stagnant energy and waste beneath the skin surface. Increase blood flow and help the skin to come "alive" again. Therapeutic use of Himalayan salt, herbal clay enzymes, mist and serum Will improve the radiance, tone and texture of the skin. 

45 minutes/$60



Holistic anti aging program 

A 5 session wellness program, providing a natural approach to antiaging & nurturing of your skin & body. Receive the benefits of botanicals & herbs to revitalize, tighten, hydrate & brighten skin. Improves circulation, reduces swelling,stimulates collagen 

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Seasonal Wellness Programs

As the earth goes through seasonal transitions every 3-4 months so does our body. These programs are designed to bring support to the skin and body as it too transitions, are a great way to enhance your skin and body health.  Five  therapy treatments over 10-12 weeks



Royal Crown and Sole experience

A treatment fit for a queen (or king). Wrapped in a soft cocoon, relax and unwind as warm aromatic oil is poured onto your scalp, followed by a Indian scalp massage & facial acupressure. Foot reflexology, with soothing herbal foot soak & leg massage. $70

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Sacred Space sculpting 

A belly sculpting treatment that will enhance circulation of lymph, firm and tone skin, reduce appearance of stretch marks, reduce swelling and provide nutrients to skin. Includes facial hydrotherapy and pressure point treatment. A soothing service that adds to your body wellness. $65

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reflexology is an ancient healing art that originates with Egyptian  and asian culture. There are over 7,000 nerve endings on the feet corresponding to the various body systems and organs. Through working in a systematic way, pressing and massaging these areas harmony and healing takes place within the body.  A truly divine way to relax mind and body. $55

Tea for you

A variety of herbal organic teas available to fit into your daily wellness routine at home. Detoxify and support your skin and body. $28

Tea and Conversation

If you're wanting to add more wellness practices in your day to day life, come in for a refreshing cup of tea and conversation. We'll chat about simple yet practical ways, products and resources that work for you along with a self care demonstration. $25

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Private moments does not make any claims to treat or heal any illness. suggestions for use of natural ingredients shold be discussed with your medical practioner